Would you like to get some advice?

If you're wondering what theme you should go for and you want to talk to someone. We'd be happy to advise on the best suited theme for you.

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What if I want a different theme after purchase?

We may be able to accommodate depending on what stage your order is at. If we have progressed to the stage where it is not possible we would send you a quote to move to a new theme.

Do you offer Shopify 2.0?

Currently we only offer Dawn. However, if you want Shopify 2.0 but you want a different theme we offer a choice of a premium theme but there is a cost of £300.00+VAT. You can sign up to our Search and launch premium package™ - please ask us for more details.

I want to use Launch but no themes suit my business. Do you have other options?

Yes, we offer offer a ‘Search and launch premium package™’ which means we’ll personally find a new theme and show you a choice to choose from £300.00+VAT that is in addition to the package costs shown on our website.

How long does it take to get my store?

We aim to get your store to you within 3 days. However, there maybe times when circumstances prevent us from achieving this, but we’ll be in touch during the processing stages.